Help us spread the news about our new Tax Reform Changes website

By Heather Findon, CPA |

Is your business or association involved in helping others understand federal income taxes and the ramifications of changes to those laws each year?

If yes, we invite you to visit our new site and then help us spread the word about the Taxpayer Advocate Service's Tax Reform Changes website.

After your visit, we think you’ll see the value it might have for those in the tax community and even for just friends and neighbors.

Feel free to use the various products below and post them directly on your website, link to them, or use them in your social media sites. You can also watch for and re-tweet or share messages about this site from our social media channels.

What is the Tax Reform Changes website for?

This mobile friendly Tax Reform Changes website shows how the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law may change future tax filings and helps everyone plan for these changes. It even includes line by line explanations and scenarios to describe how the new changes (that took effect for 2018) will be reflected on individual tax returns filed in early 2019. Plus, it’s designed so everyone can also easily see what items have and have not been changed.

Who should know about this new site?

It is beneficial to everyone who either files a tax return, helps others to file taxes in some way, or even those who provide financial advice based on the changing tax laws.

So please help us spread the word about the Tax Reform Changes website in any way that you are able.

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