A Handbook To Our Accounting Services

By Heather Findon, CPA |

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Accounting is the systematic recording of financial transactions to track income, expenses, ensure statutory compliance, and offer management, investors, and the government quantitative financial information. These monetary details are also used to make critical business decisions, evaluate performance, and create budgets and future projections.

As you can see, maintaining clean and accurate accounts is crucial when running a business, and the best way to prepare your accounts is through a professional accounting firm like Findon & Associates. As seasoned specialists excel in full-service accounting and manage your finances as per your preference. Our primary services include accounting, taxation, payroll services, and business consulting. We also offer a host of specialty solutions to cater to your unique needs. To give you a complete picture of the various accounting services we provide, here’s a handbook to our accounting services.

Our services

Professional consulting: The professionals at Findon & Associates are available all year round to assist with any questions that arise due to your personal or business situation changing. Whether you’re sending your children off to college and are curious about tax credits or your business is getting started or restructuring, we are here to assist you with advice and continuous accounting support.

Business accounting: Feeling overwhelmed when it’s time to get your information together for taxes is very common for business owners. But, when you have us on board, we help you get organized and have your information available when required. We will assist with as much or as little as you need us to as we are staffed to handle your monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual accounting. This will allow you time to focus on what you do best and let your financial information be captured by a seasoned accountant, ensuring accuracy.

Payroll services: We even help with the preparation of employees’ periodic payrolls with direct deposit. We prepare and file all payroll tax forms, including quarterly filings and year-end W-2s, ensuring compliance with new hire laws, responding to any taxing authority letters, and thus providing peace of mind as everything will be handled correctly and accurately.

Tax services: When it comes to taxes, we do more than just filing them at the end of the year! We are here to assist with any tax problems you may have, including back taxes owed, past due non-filed tax returns, payroll tax problems, and IRS audits, just to name a few. Tax planning is another area of our specialty. If your income fluctuates, we are available to project what your current year tax situation will look like, so you know how much money to save and send to Uncle Sam. We are also staffed to prepare and file any type of income tax return: individual, business, non-profit, trust, estate, etc.

Sales tax services: If you are tired of remembering to file your sales tax and happen to always file them late, our team is here to assist you while filing your business sales tax. We call you when necessary to obtain information or send friendly reminders to ensure your taxes are prepared and filed on time.

Our professional advice

Keep your personal and financial documents ready: If you want us to do your current year taxes, we will need at least the past two years of income tax returns filed along with any current year tax documents. This is to ensure your taxes are filed accurately and completely. We will need dates of birth for everyone claimed as a dependent on your taxes and social security numbers.

Collect financial and employee details: If you want us to prepare your payroll, you’ll be happy to know that we can handle both pre-existing and new business payrolls.

a. For pre-existing business payrolls: We will need prior quarter tax filings for federal, state, and local; business EIN; list of employees with their names, addresses, social, date of birth, date of hire, pay rate, any earning deductions, bank information for direct deposit, W-4’s, residency certification; tax account login and passwords; and business bank account from where funds will be withdrawn.

b. For new company formation payrolls: We require your business name and EIN, owner name and contact information, tax account numbers assigned by the IRS, state, or local authorities; list of employees with their names, addresses, social, date of birth, date of hire, pay rate, any earning deductions, bank information for direct deposit, W-4’s, residency certification.

Prepare your documents for accounting: To prepare your accounts, we will need your previous year’s tax return, current year business bank statements, savings statements, inventory listing, depreciation schedules, credit card statements, mortgage or loan statements, any other monthly documents that are in your business’ name. We can receive this information in paper or electronic format every month.

For more details on our accounting firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please reach out to us at Findon & Associates. We are a full-service accounting firm dedicated to providing you professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs. We are available to help you as and when needed and happy to teach you how to prepare your accounts and reports. If you need financial insights to make smart decisions, we are prepared to help with this as well at every stage of your project.

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